ParaTough - Training Series Are You Tough Enough To Keep Up With Canada's Paralympic Team?

In this follow-along workout series you’ll claw, grind, and scrape your way through five grueling workouts led by
some of Canada’s toughest Paralympians. Think it’s going to be easy? Think again.
And don’t forget to watch Team Canada’s training pay off during the Rio 2016 Paralympic games from September 7-18.

Wheelchair Basketball - Upper Body Power Training

Can you keep up with Jamey Jewells, Cindy Ouellet, Nik Goncin, and Katie Harnock from Canada’s wheelchair basketball teams?
Find out with this extreme workout that will leave your shoulders, back, and triceps sore for days.

Suggested Equipment: pull-up bar, dumbbells, rings, medicine ball, climbing rope.

Para-Swimming - Core Stability Training

Be prepared to work your core and legs in this intense workout
led by Canadian Paralympic swimmers Aurélie Rivard and Benoît Huot.

Suggested Equipment: Balance trainer, medicine ball or kettlebell.

Wheelchair Rugby - Explosive Strength Training

Get ready to work with Cody Caldwell, Miranda Biletski, Zak Madell, Trevor Hirschfield, and Patrice Dagenais from Canada’s wheelchair Rugby team
as they take you through an excruciating workout that will work the chest, shoulders, and biceps.

Suggested Equipment: Dumbbells, Battle ropes, Barbell with weights, Medicine ball.

Para-Cycling - High Intensity Cardio Training

Take spin class to the next level as Canadian Para-Cyclist Ross Wilson leads you through an
impossibly tough cardio workout in this 9-minute video. Get on your bike and get ready to sweat.

Suggested Equipment: Stationary bike, or road bike and a trainer.

Para-Athletics - Resistance Cicuit Training

Pam LeJean and Becky Richter from Canada’s Para-Athletics team are ready
to work their shoulders and backs. Are you?

Suggested Equipment: Kettlebells, resistance band, dumbbells.

Meet The Athletes Behind The Workouts


Now that you’ve trained with some of Canada’s toughest Paralympians,
it’s time to learn about the athletes behind the workouts.

Can You Keep Up With A Canadian Paralympian?

Take a #ParaToughChallenge

The #ParaToughChallenge consists of two exercises led by different Canadian Paralympians. Try one of them, then challenge your
toughest friends. The challenges may be quick, but they definitely won’t be easy.